-Large pots of angst
-Homemade humour on a plate
-The special 'let-me-relate-to-you' stew
-Cannon fluff
And for the naughty:
-Small but dangerous character death cupcakes
-Sinful sexy talk
-Extra chunks of angst
-Drink up sorrow/laughter
[or drown in it]
-Bucket of tears
-Pound of laughter
-Submit your own
[choose one]
Inspired by letterstomrpotter


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request: Alec is upset because Jace didn’t tell him that motorcycles run by demon engine can actually fly

requestAlec is upset because Jace didn’t tell him that motorcycles run by demon engine can actually fly

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Anonymous said: Hey :) I just wanted to say I love your blog and every single post is absolutely great and funny! Keep it up ;)

TBH when y’all come and tell me you have read every single post it kind of scares me because I save every letter in jpeg before I post it and I save it by numbers. Do you know what number I’m at now?


FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE. That IS A LOT?!?!? I mean, I can’t even bring myself to reread 5 pages of my old content and you guys just take it all in like HOW????!!? But anyway thank you for your support I really really appreciate it (: (: 

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Anonymous said: How up to date are you? Have you read CoHF? The Bane Chronicles? TID?

Yes to CoHF and TID, no to Bane Chronicles (: Am I missing out on something?

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What boxers does Valentine wear?

What boxers does Valentine wear?

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peaandnut said: Do u understand. I just realised that u are c-ish. Do u UNDERSTAND. JUST. gah. I. U. Gorgeous person

haahah wait what?? You didn’t know I was C-ish? But how?? :O

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herondalesafraidofducks said: Hello there not sure how active you are but I hope you can continue to produce such heart warming work. I love it!!! I also hope you don't mind me using your work on my Facebook Pages. If you do have a problem. Please let me know.

HELLO YES I AM BACK I was having exams which was absolute shit but HEY IT’S OVER. Thank you (: and  yeah sure I’d love to see your facebook pages if you could link it to me that would be totally awesome :D ! 

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'But I like popcorn.'

anonymous request: Alec, Izzy and Jace’s reaction to 3D movies

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Anonymous said: How can we read your fanfictions?:)

here's my account (:

Also if you’ve been following my malec drabble series, I HAVE A NEW DRABBLE YAY! 

+ I’m sorry I might not be able to post letters for awhile due to exams so my drabble is my peace offering ):

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How I got bashed up with a book
- Me: Magnus needs a pair of boxers with the words 'THE LAW' printed in front.
- Friend: What?
- Me: The Law is hard.