-Large pots of angst
-Homemade humour on a plate
-The special 'let-me-relate-to-you' stew
-Cannon fluff
And for the naughty:
-Small but dangerous character death cupcakes
-Sinful sexy talk
-Extra chunks of angst
-Drink up sorrow/laughter
[or drown in it]
-Bucket of tears
-Pound of laughter
-Submit your own
[choose one]

Hope you enjoyed yourself, come back soon. Inspired by letterstomrpotter


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Anonymous asked: You should maka a new tag "Malec Porn"

Oh honey, the tag exists. Oh yes it does

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The Greatest Shadowhunter vs The Magnificent Warlock in the Halloween Games

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Hi guys idk what happened, a lot of people started following me in short periods of time even though I haven’t updated in awhile, so, thank you and welcome new followers (: the weekend is nearing so I will try my best to post tomorrow. Love you all xx

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Огненные письма сумеречных охотников

Hello hello! If you’re Russian or, are able to read Russian, be sure to check out this page, a group of Russian Shadowhunter babies who decided to translate my letters to Russian like WOW I feel so honoured so be sure to check them out (: xx

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winter-l0ve asked: Hello! I totally fell in love with your blog. I don't know if my room mate is thinking of me weird. Your blog's contents make me smile from ear to ear, laugh crazily, and suddenly cry. Thank you for making these master pieces! This blog always makes my day, and always will. :) Love lots, Fellow Shadowhunter. xx :D

Hello! I’m sorry for the late reply but haha well thanks for enjoying my blog (: I’m really glad you guys enjoy it, makes me want to keep up with things and let you enjoy even more new content. But well, try not to cry (?) Don’t know how you enjoy something while like.. crying..haha thank you again ((:

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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to let you know that you are the only blog that I have ever reached the end of! I'm pretty obsessed with it!

Alright so I haven’t been checking my ask lately bleh sorry :/ Anyway, naw thanks (: (: Even I tried to reach the end of my OWN blog and I cannot I swear I don’t know how you guys do it omg :O I should give out candy for whoever who succeeds in reaching the end haha love you xx

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